Exciting online event for the R Shiny community!

Are you a fan of R Shiny? Are you looking for new ways to improve your skills and connect with other Shiny enthusiasts? Then this event is perfect for you!

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Here’s what you can expect:

Our Shiny Gathering is a virtual meetup that happens every last Tuesday of the month at 12 PM EST/6 pm CEST, where you can learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

We’ll be hosting a series of interactive sessions that will cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of Shiny to more advanced techniques and best practices.

Engaging talks from expert speakers on the latest Shiny trends and tools
Interactive workshops and hands-on sessions that will help you improve your skills
Opportunities to network and connect with other members of the Shiny community
A chance to share your own projects and get feedback from fellow Shiny enthusiasts

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March 26, 6 pm CET/ 1 pm EDT

Shiny Gathering #12 ShinyConf Pre-Party Edition

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Something Shiny Comes This Way!

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling – it's going to be so bright, you'll need sunglasses!
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